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Head Shots Gallery

Photography by Brad Ottosen  281-658-1240
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Head shots appointments can often be made with little notice and can be taken at your location in Houston, Texas with multiple backgrounds to choose from.  Most people prefer the charcoal background but I also have light gray, tan, white, beige, blue, black, and brown marble.  I do outdoor executive head shots, as well.  Weekend and evening appointments are encouraged.  Text or call 281-658-1240 now for an appointment.

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Discounted rates for doctors, attorneys, real estate agents, insurance agents, and other large corporate groups are available. All of the digital images are transferred from my Nikon directly to your home or office computer immediately after the photo shoot. Call me today with any questions.

Remember that you can choose from various backdrops.  Although the charcoal backdrop is the most requested, I also have light gray, tan, blue, black, white, and brown marble backdrops available.  Call 281-658-1240 today to schedule your appointment.  Weekend and evening appointments are encouraged.

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Same day appointments and last-minute appointments are preferred. For those with a busy work schedule, I am available seven days a week from 4am to 10pm. I can set up my portable studio in a client’s living room or a company’s conference room. The high-resolution digital head shots can be transferred from the camera directly to a home or office laptop or burned to a CD for instant delivery at the end of the photo shoot. Call 281-658-1240 to schedule an appointment for your head shots in Houston, Texas today.

Business checks, personal checks, cash, and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) are accepted. Large group corporate discounts for Realtors, doctors, and law firms are available; call for details. If paying by credit card, please pay online in advance to hold your appointment time.

Photography by Brad Ottosen
Serving Houston, Texas and surrounding areas
Call 281-658-1240 for an appointment


How Often Do I Need To Get Head Shots Done?

Your head shots need to be kept current.  How much you change over time will determine how often you need to get new head shots.  Of course, if you change your hair color every month, then you will need to get your head shots updated sooner and more frequently than others.


You want people to recognize you when they meet you in person.  If your clients do not recognize you from the head shots posted on your company’s Web site, your business card or your magnetic car sign, then that could be bad for business and possibly create some awkward moments.  

For example, I keep running into a woman at business networking events.  Each time that I see her, she hands me her business card.  I remember the young woman in the picture on her card but I never link that picture to her since she aged about 20 years since the photo was taken and there is no longer even the faintest resemblance.

I was also once handed a business card by a woman with solid gray hair who sold real estate.  The picture on the card that she handed me was of a young blonde woman.  She got upset when I asked her if it was her daughter’s business card.  I wasn’t trying to be funny or mean; it just didn’t occur to me that the woman in the picture could possibly be the same woman who handed me the card.


If you are an actor or an aspiring actor and get called in for an audition, the casting director will expect you to look like your head shot that you submitted.  If the role calls for a blonde girl and you submit a head shot of yourself with blonde hair but show up as a brunette, then that will not go over well.

If you cut your hair, change your hair color, or if you recently lost or gained more than 10 pounds, then you will need to get new head shots. Kids (under 16) will need them every six to eight months.  

Getting or removing braces will also prompt the need for new pictures.

I find that a great side benefit to getting pictures taken frequently by professional photographers is that most people become more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, which helps create more natural facial expressions and better pictures.

Online Dating:

Many relationships these days begin through online dating for people who have busy work schedules.  I personally think that people should get fresh pictures taken every two or three months; especially if those pictures are being used for online dating Web sites.  I’ve taken pictures of quite a few clients for their Online dating profiles.  

It upsets me when they ask if I can make them look less wrinkled in the face, taller, thinner, younger, and so forth.  If someone on a dating site sees a profile picture of a tall woman with a smooth complexion, blonde hair, and a great smile but winds up meeting a short, wrinkly, gray haired woman with no teeth, then that will lead to a big disappointment and feelings of deception and anger.  Your pictures should look like you; not a taller, slimmer, younger supermodel version of you.

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Call or text 281-658-1240 today for an appointment for your business head shots (also known as corporate head shots, corporate portraits or executive head shots) in your home or office in Houston, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Richmond or Katy, Texas and the surrounding areas with my mobile studio.