Maternity Portraits

Maternity Portraits

Photography by Brad Ottosen  281-658-1240
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When to schedule maternity portraits:

Some people have the notion to wait 9 months to schedule their maternity portraits so that the pictures are taken when the mother’s stomach is at its biggest. However, this is not a good idea. Due dates are approximate; so the baby could easily come much earlier than expected. The ideal time for a maternity portrait is right around 7 months. Of course, the odds of finding a photographer who is available on the day that you call are slim; so call a couple of months ahead of time to book your appointment.

Crystal  $200
1 full hour of shooting
75 pictures taken (minimum)
Photographed on 1 background

Bronze  $300
2 full hours of shooting
150 pictures taken (minimum)
Photographed on 2 backgrounds

Silver  $400
3 full hours of shooting
225 pictures taken (minimum)
Photographed on 3 backgrounds

Gold  $500
4 full hours of shooting
350 pictures taken (minimum)
Photographed on 4 backgrounds

maternity portraits

With all packages, you will receive all digital images at the end of the photo shoot.


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