Daxwell Products

Customer Service Phone: 281-306-0863

Online store: https://daxwellfoodserviceproducts.com

B10001837Daxwell fork with saladDaxwell meat wrap stretch film


Daxwell sells single-use/disposable products such as:

polypropylene portion cups and lids
polypropylene and polystyrene cutlery
biodegradable cutlery
plastic deli containers with lids
aluminum foil steam table pans and lids
aluminum foil rolls
aluminum foil sheets
meat wrapping clear stretch film
food service poly gloves
medical grade exam gloves
polypropylene straws
dispenser paper napkins
paper beverage napkins
hard wound paper towel rolls
vinyl gloves
nitrile gloves
latex gloves
synthetic PVC gloves
bouffant caps

Daxwell products are sold by the truckload to more than 100 school districts across the country, national chain restaurants, and government facilities. Daxwell products are also sold to distributors by the shipping container.

In 2012, Daxwell began selling products by the case to individual customers Online. They are available at https://daxwellfoodserviceproducts.com as well as on Amazon at www.amazon.com/daxwell and on eBay at www.ebay.com/str/daxwell