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Up to 36 digital actor head shots will be taken for just $150.

actor head shot by Brad Ottosen

Photographed in up to two outfits; wardrobe advice given on phone before appointment.
The actor head shots can either be taken at the studio near the Galleria area of Houston, TX, in your own living room with my mobile studio backgrounds and lights or outside at a local park.
actor head shot in Houston Texas

Be sure to consult with your acting agency about background preference, white border preference, and color or black-and-white image preference as these things vary between agencies and states.

actor head shots
The 300 DPI high resolution digital actor head shots are downloaded from the camera directly to your computer, laptop, flash drive or a disc immediately after the photo shoot.
Advice given about acting classes and getting local acting jobs.  8×10 prints of your actor head shots can be ordered with your name at the bottom of the picture and available for pickup in just 2-3 days.  Short-notice appointments are preferred.

Checks and cash are accepted.

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What to Wear for Your Actor Head Shots:

Clothing choice is very important for actor head shots. Bring a variety of clothes with you to the photo shoot. Try to maximize the contrast between your hair color, your clothing color, and the background color. A shirt or blouse with a collar and long sleeves is highly recommended. Ribbed or chain stitch sweaters with texture and denim jackets also work well.

Peyton's actor head shot by Brad Ottosen

For dark hair, stick with medium green, medium blue, or medium gray clothes. Avoid white and black. The best clothing color choices for light brown or red hair are black, medium to dark green, and medium to dark blue and medium gray. Avoid white. For blonde hair and those with shaved or bald heads, wear medium green, medium blue, or medium gray. Avoid white and black. Those with short hair can use the previously mentioned guidelines but can also bring something black or navy blue. Clean and press your clothes. They should look close to new.

Regarding what clothes not to bring, avoid white. Also avoid low-cut tops, big jewelry, stripes, busy patterns, crew neck, short sleeves, turtlenecks, shirts with logos or prints, or anything that can be read.

Actor head shots are all about getting cast. Their purpose is to show your physical look, your personality, and your talent or charisma. Since actor head shots are technically the first round of auditions, be sure to have fun during the photo shoot; it shows through in your eyes. Bring your favorite CD to listen to and try to connect with the camera (or photographer).

Get your hair and makeup done before your actor head shot photo shoot at Salon Park, located at 5288 W. 34th Street, Houston, TX 77092.  You can also try Salons in the Park, 9521F Westheimer, Houston, TX 77063, 713-918-9800.  Bella Rinova Salon in Uptown Park at 1111-02 Uptown Park Blvd., Houston, Texas 77056, is also a good option.  A quick makeover at your local Dillard’s just before the photo shoot will work, as well.  Be sure to call in advance for an appointment and tell the makeup artist that it is for a photo shoot so that she doesn’t use liquid makeup.


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Call 281-658-1240 today to schedule an appointment for your actor head shots in the convenience of your own living room or at a local park in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.