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Executive Head Shot

Choose from a variety of backdrops.  Color and black-and-white photos can be taken.  All of the 300 DPI high resolution digital images are downloaded directly to your computer, laptop, flash drive or CD immediately after the photo shoot.  The business head shots can also be uploaded to your company’s shared drive that each person can grab his or her images from right after the shoot. The hi-res digital images can be used for any purpose, such as for your:
–  LinkedIn profile
–  Facebook profile
–  Business card
–  Company Web site
–  Magazine article
–  Press release
–  Election campaign posters or banners
–  Online dating profile
–  Magnetic car door signs

Image size:

As many clients need their head shots for magazines and other printed publications, the images are taken at the largest size for maximum resolution.  To scale down your favorite image, simply open it in Microsoft Paint and click on “Image” and then on “Resize” in the top, left corner of the screen.  

Most clients shrink their images to 20% of the original size before uploading the image to their LinkedIn profile.  Be sure to save the image as a different name by choosing the “save as” feature.  If, however, you choose to do a normal save (for some strange reason), then your newly-created thumbnail image will replace the original image and there will be no turning back if you need the original hi-res image for publication later on.

Image transfer:
For large groups, the images can be downloaded from the camera to the executive secretary’s computer and then uploaded to the company’s shared drive for each individual to grab his or her images from.

Choose from the most popular background colors: charcoal, light gray or brown marble. Other background colors available include blue, black, tan, or white. You can also use a wall or bookcase at your office, the outside of your office building or even a nearby park as a background.

View sample images.

1-5 colleagues: $100 each
6-10 colleagues: $75 each
11-29 colleagues $60 each
30-49 colleagues $50 each
51-99 colleagues $40 each
100-199 colleagues $30 each
200-499 colleagues $20 each
500-5000 colleagues $10 each